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Godspeed (Video)

I wanted to take a second and pass along this video entitled “Godspeed” my friend Bart Scarborough turned me onto.  While not directly related to “simple church” per se, for me personally, the idea of living life at a pace similar to Jesus is something I find intriguing, challenging, and very much connected to my journey with simple church.  There is plenty to take away from this for anyone desiring to simplify their life and faith and emulate the way in which Christ went about impacting the world.

Godspeed: The Pace of Being Known (subtitles) from The Ranch Studios | Danny Lund on Vimeo.

Questions for Discussion:

1. In what ways is this video advocating similar ideas about Christianity as we are in our simple church family?

2. In what ways might the ideas conveyed be different than the life God is leading us to pursue?

3. In what ways would our lives look different we traveled at 3mph? Is that achievable? Necessary?

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