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House/Simple Church Ministries Growing

“Ministry” as a vocation is usually considered a two-choice path: the traditional church route or para-church route.  However, an exciting third path is emerging!  God is equipping individuals and families to serve full-time outside these structures as local missionaries helping to plant and lead simple/organic/house churches.  Pictured here are two such friends and co-laborers here with me in Central Kentucky!  While each of us started from different places (Moise is a former engineer, Kaleb came from a traditional church pastor role, and I started with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes), all of us have found ourselves fully available to focus on simple/house/organic church ministry.

The three of us enjoyed lunch recently.  I thought back about the beginning of the Simple Church Alliance some ten years ago.  Since then, the Lord has sent more and more house-church-minded laborers into the harvest fields here locally!  How encouraging!  God has uniquely provided for Moise and Kaleb to join His Kingdom’s work in serving this way on a full-time basis.  While each of us has a very unique area of focus, we all share the same passion and desire to help encourage organic/simple expressions of the local church as a catalyst for spiritual growth.  I’m grateful!

Is the Lord calling you to lead a simple church?  If so, we’d love to encourage you.  Are you serving in a similar capacity in the region?  We’d love to connect with you, too! Please contact us.  Please pray for Moise and Kaleb (and me as well) as the Lord provides opportunities for investment in relationships and facilitation of house churches in Lexington and beyond during this unique time in history!   May the Lord also raise up more and more people who are able to serve in non-traditional ministry roles! 

Moise and his family live in Lexington and primarily serve a distinctly international house church family.  Kaleb lives in Nicholasville where his ministry to the students at the Alternative School in Jessamine County has blossomed into a house church of now 20 somethings and a mid-week gathering of teens and young adults that grew out of a common interest…playing rock music together.

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