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Retreat Wrap-up

On September 25th and 26th, we resumed our annual Simple Church Retreat. Having missed this yearly time of fellowship, gathering with other simple church leaders again at the Stanford Inn at Wilderness Road was so refreshing. We spent the weekend reading and reflecting on a great little book by Henry Nouwen entitled In the Name of Jesus. Almost prophetically, Nouwen describes the kind of leader the church will need in the 21st century–lessons he learned once moving as a priest to a home for adults with disabilities. Kaleb Phillips, a dear friend and fellow simple church leader in Nicholasville, recommended the book. We have both been struck by how a person in a very different part of the Christian community could so deeply and profoundly expound on many aspects of leadership in the Kingdom that our experience in simple church has revealed to us.  To me, this speaks to the reality that what we mean by “simple church” is really just the New Testament church. Believers from all backgrounds and periods of time have often tasted and seen glimpses of the kind of Church that God is building!

If you would like a copy of this book, I’d be honored to send you one or pick it up here

“Whenever we minister together it is easier for people to recognize that we don’t come in our own name, but in the name of Jesus.” – In the Name of Jesus

“Knowing the heart of Jesus and loving him are the same thing. Knowledge of Jesus’ heart is a knowledge of the heart” – In the Name of Jesus

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Retreat 2021


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