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On Thanksgiving day we headed to Berea to spend Thanksgiving with our family.  It was Wylie’s first Thanksgiving at her grandmothers.  Jesus often explained that forgiveness of our sin was a greater miracle than those involving earthly matters. In light of seeing my car yesterday and the taking the pictures above, It made me think of just how incredible his forgiveness truly is.  His earthly intervention on behalf of Karla, Neva, and Wylie this Thanksgiving was no small matter!  Here is how Karla put it:

Raise your hand if you love trees! Well, I do. My attention has been drawn to them even more after reading Matthew Sleeth’s book Reforesting Faith. In it, he states that of all living things mentioned in the Bible, people are first and trees are second. Every major event is marked by a tree—Creation, the Fall, the Flood, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, etc.…/about/Reforesting_Faith.html… (See pages 18-19).

Now, God has marked another event with a tree, or rather a bush. Neva, Wylie, and I were riding to our Berea family Thanksgiving feast when our car was struck from behind. We spun off the interstate and were cushioned by a row of bushes. Fellow travelers, state policeman, fire fighters, policemen, paramedics all came to our rescue. The other driver involved and his dog were unharmed, too.

I thought it was my last day on earth, but it ended up the first day of marking my life by before and after the wreck. I will not forget looking back to see Wylie and Neva safe. I will not forget and I am changed again by a tree. – Karla

Give those you love an extra hug today.  Blessings and thank you all for your love, support, and prayers.

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