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I cannot thank you enough for supporting our family and the ministry of simple church.  A gift to Simple Church Alliance allows me to serve in the role I do and it has enabled me to navigate a very tumultuous time for our family these past two years as we have been in and out of the hospital with Wylie. Thanks to all who have supported us in this special way.  We are eternally grateful.

The past year has been a challenging but wonderful year and we could not be more grateful to still be here after ten years of offering support, mentorship, and encouragement to those seeking to follow Christ “outside the box!”  In many ways,  2022 will begin a new chapter for Simple Church Alliance!  We would be honored for you to partner with us not only financially but by perhaps even experiencing simple church along with us and your family (if you are not already)! 

As we close out 2021 and look to a new year, we do have some financial need on the horizon.  Would you to consider a year-end gift to Simple Church Alliance or perhaps even joining our support team for the coming year?  

Donations are kept anonymous aside from our treasurer Rich Jirak. Please direct any questions about giving to him.  You can contact him and make an online gift at this link: Donate – Simple Church Alliance. If you already give to this ministry, again I say a big “Thank you!”

Thanks for your prayerful consideration,

The destination is the journey,

Gavin Duerson

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