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Asbury Revival: A House Church Perspective

We get back into the Keep it Simple Podcast for 2023 with a conversation about the Asbury “revival” from a house church perspective.  Gavin Duerson and Kaleb Phillips share their experience visiting the Asbury and share some take-a-ways regarding what the revival says to those of us in the house church world.


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3 thoughts on “Asbury Revival: A House Church Perspective”

  1. On your website you have a spot to start a simple Church. But then when I clicked on it there was only sign up for the newsletter. Anyway I would love to talk to somebody on the phone I live in Indianapolis area my name is Tim. I’m 62 I’ve been a believer for 40 years. And have seen through the church system for almost that whole time. But it’s not just what the institutional church is not it’s what his corporate body and family is to be. Which I long for and at least two other folks in my area do also. My phone number is 317-457-8052. For the fame of his name and the glory of his story, Tim

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