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Considering our “Why?”

Recently I was blessed to be able to spend some time with several simple church leaders from the region.  We discussed our recent experiences in outside-the-box types of ministry and considering our “why?” for staying the course.  Most everyone present has persevered with simple church for a long period of time through the joys and challenges of cutting a new trail.

As we shared our motivations for continuing along the simple/house/organic church path and God’s work in it, several themes emerged.  Many voices echoed the values that led folks connected here to start thinking more simply about local church fellowship.  Similarly, there was a growing sense in the group that God desires oneness in His Body and that this unity was directly linked to our understanding and identification with the Kingdom of God.

Personally, I was able to share how I continue to see God multiplying these very values in the hearts and minds of His people from all backgrounds.  When I speak with my friends in the legacy church, many agree that the Church in the future will be more in line with the values we discuss here and that we see in the pages of the New Testament.  In short, I know I’m called to be a part of this exciting reform! 

As I discussed in my previous post, the pace that the Church moves in this direction is up to God.  While “delays” and waiting can be discouraging, I remain encouraged by the faithful team of folks continuing to come to the table day after day who are called to this reform–regardless of the timeline.  

What about you?  Do you sense that the Lord has called you to be a part of making changes?  What are the values that you feel are important for the church cling to today?  We’d love to hear from you! If I can help facilitate a short day retreat like the one I attended recently with these men, I’d be honored to serve you! 
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