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Merry Christmas From Simple Church Alliance!

It was wonderful seeing so many of you at this year’s Christmas Gathering! Those unable to come were missed!  We pray that all are able to enter into His rest and joy this Christmas and that in the coming year you will experience the reality and depth of His love more than ever before! We hope to see you soon!  I leave you with a poem the Richard Jirak shared (via Malcolm Guite) at our Christmas Celebration and some photos from our time together.

Kenosis by Lucie Shaw

In sleep his infant mouth works in and out.

He is so new, his silk skin has not yet

been roughed by plane and wooden beam

nor, so far, has he had to deal with human doubt.

He is in a dream of nipple found,

of blue-white milk, of curving skin

and, pulsing in his ear, the inner throb

of a warm heart’s repeated sound.

His only memories float from fluid space.

So new he has not pounded nails, hung a door

broken bread, felt rebuff, bent to the lash,

wept for the sad heart of the human race.


Note: Our family picture above was taken at the Center For Courages Kids–an unbelievable camp for disabled youth near Bowling Green!  They along with the Stella Effect charity hosted the first ever Trisomy 18 retreat and twenty-five families from across the country attended.  Wylie represented Kentucky!  We are so grateful for all the support and love that she continues to receive from so many and all the ways her amazing life is impacting us and others!

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