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Posts that relate to music

Curtain Call (Song)

In my last post I shared a song with you from my friend John Hatfield that dealt with “going.”  I find that the difficult part about going is leaving.  Last year, when I left my position with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes it was very difficult.  I love FCA and all the people that I worked with are in many ways like family.  While I continue to remain involved, there is no denying that “going” has changed my relationships a great deal with the people I served with.  This was the hardest part about going in a new direction that… Read More »Curtain Call (Song)

Where Will YOU Go? (song)

I’ve probably thought more about “going” and the words spoken by Jesus in the Great Commission more in the past two years than my entire life combined. Going may mean that we actually physically leave our residence and make an address change. Often, however, the call to “go” is more about leaving behind a state of comfort and moving to a place of deeper trust in Christ. For a follower of Jesus, it’s impossible to stay where you are and go on mission with Him. He will continually call us all to new places. My good friend John Hatfield wrote… Read More »Where Will YOU Go? (song)

Trying To Play “Son House”

This past weekend I finally sat down to watch a documentary I have been eying ever since it arrived in theaters in 2008.   It Might Get Loud is a documentary on the electric guitar and three legendary guitarists: The Edge (U2), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), and Jack White (The White Stripes). In the clip I’ve p0sted below, Jack White explains how the song, “Grinnin’ in Your Face” by Son House, affected him and the direction of his musical career.  Later in the film, he recounts that when forming The White Stripes, a band that featured only drums and a guitar… Read More »Trying To Play “Son House”