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Curtain Call (Song)

In my last post I shared a song with you from my friend John Hatfield that dealt with “going.”  I find that the difficult part about going is leaving.  Last year, when I left my position with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes it was very difficult.  I love FCA and all the people that I worked with are in many ways like family.  While I continue to remain involved, there is no denying that “going” has changed my relationships a great deal with the people I served with.  This was the hardest part about going in a new direction that would see my much of my time and energy devoted to simple church multiplication.  It was at this time that my friend John released his new album “The Crowd Downstairs” (which I highly recommend).  The last song, Curtain Call, continues to serve as a timely encouragement to me.  For a multiplication movement to occur, all of us have to become accustomed to continually “going” with God to new and uncharted territory.  For many, this will involve leaving long-held routines, programs, structures, and perhaps (to a certain extent) even relationships with people we love.  May this song be an encouragement to you as you find yourself leaving

Visit the John Hatfield Bands homepage to listen to all the songs on their new album.

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