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Simple Church Conference 2013

2013simple church confernce

Missed this year’s Simple Church Conference?  No problem!  Below are the audio recordings from our time together.  Some of the “discussion” recorded better than others and some comments were deleted altogether due to the host’s (me) failure to get the microphone to those speaking.  However, I think you will really be pleased with these audio recordings and the teaching and discussion we captured!

Listen Online:

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Note:  PC Users “right click” / MAC user use “control and click” DOWNLOAD HERE then  “save as” and save to your computer.

1- Multiplication Movements Part 1 (Saturday Afternoon) / DOWNLOAD HERE

Neil discusses the difference between multiplication and addition and the need to give attention to the natural and often slow process of multiplication in order to see a true  movement of Jesus disciples and ultimately churches emerge in our culture.  Also Neil addresses the obstacles to “movementum” and how the churches focus on the gifts of “teaching” and “shepherding” can prevent multiplication.

2- Discussion:  Heresy, APEST, and More! (Saturday Afternoon) / DOWNLOAD HERE

Prior to Part 2 of his teaching, Neil fields questions on the topic of Heresy in simple/organic church ministry and the importance of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds and Teachers all working together to build up The Body.

3- Multiplication Movements Part 2 (Saturday Afternoon) / DOWNLOAD HERE

Neil discusses Parable of the Sower and how this important parable is essential to understanding how organic growth in the Kingdom occurs.  What is good seed?  What is good soil?  How do we sow good seed in good soil?  Other topics:  Legalism, Dependence on “Teachers,” Leadership.  The following video was also part of this message:

4- Stories About Our Beginnings Part 1 (Saturday Evening) / DOWNLOAD HERE

If you missed Saturday evening, then you will want to make sure you listen to Neil’s encouraging story of how found organic church in his early days.  Hear radical stories of conversion and how God started churches in cafe’s, parking lots, and homes.  Also hear stories about how God used “fertile soil” to birth movements of disciples and church–including individuals who belonged to the occult.

5 – Stories About Our Beginnings Part 2 (Saturday Evening) / DOWNLOAD HERE

Enjoy discussion and feedback from Neil’s testimony including discussion about children in simple organic church, looking for the good in everyone you share Christ with, having a broken heart for the un-churched, and hear Neil share an amazing story about how working a paper route taught him a valuable lesson about the sacred and the secular.

6 – Multiplication Movements Part 3 (Sunday Morning) / DOWNLOAD HERE

Neil discusses the importance of seeing multiplication on the smallest possible level–the individual believer.  Neil addresses how we must move away from a dependency on people in discipleship and learn to depend on the Jesus and the role of the Holy Spirit in the growth of disciples.  Missing from the audio are the video clips below:

 7- Practical Tools for Multiplying Disciples and Simple Churches (Sunday Morning) / DOWNLOAD HERE

Neils shares some practical tools for making disciples that also have the essential “DNA” for reproduction.  The “Seven Signs Of John” and “Life Transformation Groups” as well as following the “Oikos” when determining who the Lord might be leading you to be involved in discipleship with.

Additional Information from CMA Resources on the Seven Signs of John and Life Transformation Groups

8- Jeff and Darah Testimony / DOWNLOAD HERE

Jeff and Darah share a brief testimony about starting simple church in Pendleton, Co. KY.

9- Nate Smith Testimony / DOWNLOAD HERE

Nate share about the beginning of a new simple church at a cafe in Lexington, KY

10- Sunday Morning Testimonies / DOWNLOAD HERE

Several folks share stories about their experience with simple church.

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