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Simple Church Revolution – Free Book

I wanted to make everyone aware of a great FREE resource.  I recently revisited Roger Thoman’s free ebook “Simple/House Church Revolution” and it is really a great resource for anyone considering simple/house church ministry.  In addition, since it is free, sharing this resource with friends could be an excellent starting point to see who might be interested in joining you on the simple church journey!  Always know that we are here to help train, encourage, and support you along the way so let us know who we can serve you! Click Here to Download From the back cover: Simple/House Church… Read More »Simple Church Revolution – Free Book

Listening To God (Download Free Book!)

If a person states that God speaks to them on a regular basis they are considered a bit kooky in many Christian circles.  With our wider cultural context in mind, imagine the firestorm that would stem from one of our presidential candidates declaring that he frequently hears God speak. Yet, Jesus tells us: My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. – John 10:27 The idea that God communicates in an understandable way to His disciples is not only foundational to the Bible and the Christian faith, but possibly at the core of discipleship–being one… Read More »Listening To God (Download Free Book!)