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LexPray 2018 – 24/7 Prayer Easter Week!

Once again, we are partnering with friends throughout the city of Lexington to host a week of non-stop prayer Easter week!  LexPray, which started in a spare bedroom of a simple church family several years ago, is now happening at the Prayer Room on Broadway.  This is a great opportunity for you to join together with the city church in Lexington to connect with God in a special way.  Sign-up today for a time slot and let’s fill the whole week as we focus on the Risen Christ this Easter season! How does it work? Once you sign up, you… Read More »LexPray 2018 – 24/7 Prayer Easter Week!

Embracing the City Church

City Church. I was recently reminded of just how important it is for those of us moving out of a traditional church setting (or even mindset) into a simple/organic type of church to embrace the “city church.”  Intellectually, most all believers would agree that even though we have numerous physical church locations in any given town that really there is only one church in any given city.  After all, this was the view of the believers in the New Testament—one church in a city that met in various locations.  While I have no doubt that for many of us this… Read More »Embracing the City Church