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Embracing the City Church

City Church.

I was recently reminded of just how important it is for those of us moving out of a traditional church setting (or even mindset) into a simple/organic type of church to embrace the “city church.”  Intellectually, most all believers would agree that even though we have numerous physical church locations in any given town that really there is only one church in any given city.  After all, this was the view of the believers in the New Testament—one church in a city that met in various locations.  While I have no doubt that for many of us this belief is held deep down, it seems that what we practically live out is not belief in a “city church” but belief in what I call the “my church/your church.”

Reconnecting with the idea of the city church is essential for anyone embarking on the simple church journey.  I believe that failing to embrace the city church paradigm in the New Testament will lead to frustration and perhaps giving up on the idea of organic church life altogether.

But when you view your journey in light of your extended family of believers all spread out across your city or town, then you find a freedom to celebrate all that God is doing and even participate in what He is doing—even when “their church” is involved!  City church thinking helps you to be patient and trust God’s timetable.  For example, if only one other person joins you for your first “simple church” gathering at your home, you know it’s okay because you understand that it’s not only the two of you in “your church.”  Rather, your gathering is one of many that makes up the Church in Lexington.

How does embracing the city church impact your involvement in and understanding of simple church?




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