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Evaluating Your Simple Church (Part 2)

In my last post, I discussed the importance of evaluating your simple church.  Today, I would like to suggest a guideline to help simple or house churches evaluate their communities.  Once again, the attitude and heart behind any evaluation is the most important part.  If not done with humility, love, and a desire to become all that Jesus desires for your community to be, attempts at evaluation can easily slide into a discouraging time where harsh judgment and legalistic remedies prevail.  Nonetheless, just as it would be important for a couple to communicate about ways they can improve their marriage… Read More »Evaluating Your Simple Church (Part 2)

Evaluating Your Simple Church (Part 1)

Evaluating Your Simple Church (Part 1) By Gavin Duerson How do we evaluate our simple church community?  We may shy away from examining ourselves because we can be afraid of what we will find.  However, when handled properly, taking time to assess your simple church can help your community grow into all that God desires for it to be. Jesus encouraged personal reflection and evaluation (Luke 10) as did the early disciples (1 Cor. 11).  Many of the letters we read in the New Testament include evaluations of the church’s activity.  Because God loves us and wants us to grow closer to Him, we should… Read More »Evaluating Your Simple Church (Part 1)