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Evaluating Your Simple Church (Part 1)

Evaluating Your Simple Church (Part 1)

By Gavin Duerson

How do we evaluate our simple church community?  We may shy away from examining ourselves because we can be afraid of what we will find.  However, when handled properly, taking time to assess your simple church can help your community grow into all that God desires for it to be.

Jesus encouraged personal reflection and evaluation (Luke 10) as did the early disciples (1 Cor. 11).  Many of the letters we read in the New Testament include evaluations of the church’s activity.  Because God loves us and wants us to grow closer to Him, we should not fear asking Him to lead us in a time of honest reflection and evaluation.  In the same way that failing to have our health evaluated regularly is a mistake, I believe failing to have regular spiritual health checkups is also a mistake. (As I write this, I’m also setting up a physical examination with my doctor… something long overdue)!

Like our physical bodies, when we evaluate our simple church, we are evaluating an organism.  While numbers can be helpful at times, we are primarily looking for evidence of good health and reproduction in our midst.  A simple question to discuss with your simple church is this one:

“How are we seeing the disciples we are making actively making other disciples?” 

When we have real stories to share, we can be encouraged that the Lord is using us and our community to live out the Great Commission!  If you are not currently witnessing God work in your midst to multiply disciples then this can be an opportunity to refocus.  Does everyone in your simple church have a grasp on how Jesus multiplied disciples and practical, reproducible ways to follow His example today?

We would like to offer training to you and your simple church if this is a desired area for growth.  Contact us here, and I can set up a time to help you consider this extremely important topic.  In the next post, I will share another set of questions to evaluate your simple church community based on characteristics of the church we see in the book of Acts.


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