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6 Benefits To Gathering On Sunday Mornings

Our simple church has settled into meeting on Sunday mornings and I’ve grown to enjoy it.  I have thought of six reasons I would encourage other simple churches to gather on Sunday mornings as well. Certainly there is not hard rule about when folks should meet and most every group will settle on times and locations for a host of reasons. As you think about the best time for your simple church to gather, consider the following… 1.  Convenience – The hardest thing about getting folks together regularly is finding a common time that everyone is available.  In general, it… Read More »6 Benefits To Gathering On Sunday Mornings

Beachheads – A Guest Blog by Joseph Horevay (Neo House Church Network)

Beachheads The early hours of June 6, 1944 the Axis defenders saw, through the early morning haze off the Normandy Coast, a vast armada of Allied ships carrying hopeful liberators to those occupied shores. That wicked empire was secure as long as freedom’s defenders remained on distant shores. As young men dashed from plywood transports onto the blood soaked sands of invasion beaches named Juno, Omaha, Sword and Gold a watching world finally obtained the hope that the oppressor’s jack-boot would at last be removed from beloved homelands. A beachhead is the first fruit of invasion, a foothold that precedes… Read More »Beachheads – A Guest Blog by Joseph Horevay (Neo House Church Network)

The Lords Supper – The Reason We Gather?

The meal is potluck, or as we jokingly say, “pot-providence.”  Everyone brings food to share with everyone else.  When the weather is nice, all the food is placed on a long folding table outside.  A chest full of ice sits beside the drink table.   Kids run wildly around.  They are having so much fun that they must be rounded up by parents and encouraged to eat.  After a prayer of thanksgiving is offered, people line up, talking and laughing as they load their plates with food.  In the middle of all the food sits a single loaf of bread next… Read More »The Lords Supper – The Reason We Gather?

What About The Kids? – Children in Simple Church

As long as there are folks who are trying to migrate into simple church from traditional church backgrounds, this question will be around. For this post I would like to stick to some practical tips on how you can creatively involve your children in simple church gatherings.

Why Not One Another Each Other?

Why Not One Another Each Other? – a simple way of thinking about how to spend time with your simple church family!  As I meet with people transitioning to simple church one of the more common questions I get is “What are we supposed to do when we meet together?”  This question is understandable as “what we do at church” each week is usually determined by the church staff and that, for the most part, has not veered to far from the Opening Prayer-Opening Song-Announcements-More Songs-Special Song-Sermon-Offering-Closing Song-Closing Prayer format–regardless if you attend a small church or a mega church.  Of… Read More »Why Not One Another Each Other?

The Best Way To Start A Simple Church…

…Is to start a simple church! I’m not sure where I read that, but I believe it to be true. With a new season upon us why not trust God to take you on a discipleship journey and start a simple church? I have met with several folks who have expressed interest and a few that are going to make the leap this year. Why not join them? You never know what God will do unless you step out of the boat. Certainly don’t get out of the boat unless you hear Jesus calling you, but if you do hear… Read More »The Best Way To Start A Simple Church…