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Child Driven Education – A Lesson for The Church?

I recently posted about Sergio Juárez Correa, a teacher in Mexico, and his “radical new teaching method” that is having an amazing impact on his students.  After discussing this post with some of my friends, I was encouraged to go online and listen to some of the TED talks by Sugata Mitra, the gentleman who inspired Sergio to adopt his new methods of teaching.   I have posted one of Sugata’s TED talks below. I believe that what Sugata is onto has great implications for the western church.  As you view this short teaching, ask yourself the following questions: * Has God… Read More »Child Driven Education – A Lesson for The Church?

“Troops” in India

Upon returning from a recent trip to India, a friend took me out for coffee to tell me of his encounter with a former nun, Sister Angelica, who has trained over 20,000 Christian “soldiers”  to lead “troops” throughout her country.  Below is a training handout that Sister Angelica uses while helping to start troops and train up new leaders. Some of this may seem odd to our western use of language and sensibilities.  To be clear, I would not advocate starting simple churches here with such guidelines.  That being said, I wonder if there are more than a few good… Read More »“Troops” in India