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Simple Church Experience – Prayer Walking (May 20)

Each month, we are hosting an opportunity for you to join others interested in making disciples for an experiential training experience.  At the heart of simple church is idea that each believer can engage in the Great Commission.  Rather than coming to gather information only, we hope to put into practice the activities that disciple makers do… learning by doing! Our May “Experience” will take place on Wednesday, May 20th at the Berry Hill Park, In Lexington, KY.  Pizza will be provided and children are welcome to come as well.  We will have pizza together, briefly explain prayer walking, then… Read More »Simple Church Experience – Prayer Walking (May 20)

New Day of Month For Simple Church Trainings

Simple Church Training – Now on the THIRD THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH. UPDATE:  See HERE FOR DETAILS FOR JUNE 19! Each month we gather together for an informal “training” of sorts.  We find that providing an opportunity for those seeking to lead simple churches (or just looking for the encouragement to start) is helpful in encouraging one another and helping rotationally connect various simple churches.  There are now a couple of different simple church communities that primarily are gathering on Wednesday nights so we thought we would give thursday nights a shot so that some of those folks can benefit… Read More »New Day of Month For Simple Church Trainings