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Simple Church Experience – Prayer Walking (May 20)

Each month, we are hosting an opportunity for you to join others interested in making disciples for an experiential training experience.  At the heart of simple church is idea that each believer can engage in the Great Commission.  Rather than coming to gather information only, we hope to put into practice the activities that disciple makers do… learning by doing!

Our May “Experience” will take place on Wednesday, May 20th at the Berry Hill Park, In Lexington, KY.  Pizza will be provided and children are welcome to come as well.  We will have pizza together, briefly explain prayer walking, then break up to walk and pray for God’s blessing at the new skatepark (opening in June).  Specifically, we will pray for the formation of a new skate church community at this park and for people to meet Jesus as this new gathering sport for the community opens up!  This will be a great opportunity to experience talking with God in a new way!  Also, please feel free to include any friends in the area.

May Simple Church “Experience” // 6-8PM

Berry Hill Park, Buckhorn Road, Lexington, KY

RSVP’s are helpful for us to know how much food to provide.  RSVP by emailing Gavin here. Feel free to bring a folding chair.  There is a nice swing set for kids here as well.

You can follow the development of this new park at



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