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Lords Supper

Resurrection Day Communion (By Jeff Herron)

March 27, 2016 — Resurrection Day, by Jeff Herron Unexpectedly volunteering to serve communion with Darah at the Resurrection Day gathering of the Simple Church Alliance network. Can’t remember acting in this capacity before. Starting to think right away about what words I might say as people come up to receive the elements. There’s that passage in Corinthians somewhere about not being unworthy, but I can’t remember it well enough. Maybe the more traditional “the body of Christ, broken for your sins…”, but I can’t really recall exactly how that one goes either, and I’m not much for formulaic incantations… Read More »Resurrection Day Communion (By Jeff Herron)

Communion Lessons: Childlike Humility

By Karla Duerson Gavin asked today, “In what way does God want me to be more childlike in my humility?” referring to Matthew 18:2-4 from the Bible.  Nothing personal came to mind at first.  Then later when I was cleaning up from our Simple Church gathering, something came. It was a new thought based on a familiar dilemma.  Normally, after everyone leaves I busily and easily put all the dishes in the washer, scrape the leftovers into the garbage disposal, put the toys in the bin, place books on the shelf, but then I come to the elements.  I go… Read More »Communion Lessons: Childlike Humility