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From Bluegrass To The Middle East

From the Bluegrass to the Middle East One of the most fascinating aspects of “simple” church is the desire to build up disciples that are full of passion for God’s glory. Simple church provides a community and space where all believers are equipped with the tools necessary to question and understand the Bible, seek truth by the Spirit and share with others who they know Jesus to be. Before too long, the simple church multiplies out of itself, and where there was one church before, now there are three or four that takes the former’s place! My experience with a… Read More »From Bluegrass To The Middle East

Walking Butterflies (Roger Thoman Article)

Roger Thoman at The Simple Church Journal has written an excellent post today that echo’s my feelings as of late.  In this post, he shares his concerns that many of God’s people apart of the simple/organic church movement are like walking butterflies–they are no longer caterpillars but they are failing to use their wings to experience the freedom of flying.  Roger identifies four very perceptive reasons why he believes this is so. Read his short article (and a comment of mine) HERE.  This would be a great article to discuss with your simple church this week when you get together.