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From Bluegrass To The Middle East

From the Bluegrass to the Middle East

One of the most fascinating aspects of “simple” church is the desire to build up disciples that are full of passion for God’s glory. Simple church provides a community and space where all believers are equipped with the tools necessary to question and understand the Bible, seek truth by the Spirit and share with others who they know Jesus to be. Before too long, the simple church multiplies out of itself, and where there was one church before, now there are three or four that takes the former’s place!

My experience with a simple church with University classmates has matched up with this line of thinking. Over the last three years, we have grown so much and God has prepared us for a lifestyle of Christ wherever we may go. I’ve learned how to take personal ownership of my faith, how to ask tough questions and pursue truth together in community. I’ve seen the Spirit move radically in different ways – He always surprises you in how He teaches, encourages, and loves –and we all have learned to discern the desires of His heart. In my six years of knowing our King, I have never seen Him move so directly and powerfully as I have with this group in this time. Three years in, most students in the community are graduating and will be moving on to jobs or grad school in different cities. While we are sad to see everyone go, we feel that the Lord will use us to disciple the nations, and we are hyped about it!

In August, I will leave my simple church and home for an entirely new place: the Middle East! I will be working with refugees for a year and will have an incredible opportunity to build trust and friendship with the people there. I now see that my experiences with our Father through simple church has prepared me for this work, especially with building community where there was none before. Who would have thought that a tiny community in the Bluegrass could grow, multiply, and reach as far as the Middle East?

I thank you very much for letting me tell you a little bit of my story and how God is using simple church to disciple the nations. I find it to be a great privilege to invite and challenge the Body to join in the Lord’s work through me in the Middle East. I am seeking financial partners, as well as many prayer warriors, to stand by me as I go to be a laborer in the harvest. I know that we all have a desire to see the Church grow across the world, so I ask that you help send me on your behalf to do the work of the Lord. Together, we will see a mighty movement of God – and I am excited!!

For security, I have withheld my name and other specific information in this blog post. To contact me for more details and/or to partner with me financially, please shoot Gavin an email and he can connect you with me:

Forever His,


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photos from previous visit

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