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A Conversation With Felicity Dale

I was excited to continue my “Simple Church Conversations” series with Felicity Dale, one of the pioneers of the recent house church movement in America. Felicity, along with her husband Tony, have been very active in planting simple churches for more than 30 years. Felicity is the author of Simply Church, An Army of Ordinary People: Stories of Real-Life Men and Women Simply Being the Church, and Small Is Big!: Unleashing the Big Impact of Intentionally Small Churches. Referenced resources…. A simple guide to hearing God Felicity Dale Blog – great resources and teaching/training Felicity’s books on… Read More »A Conversation With Felicity Dale

Maybe it’s a bigger deal than we think?

I am generally not someone who leads with the idea that simple church is the “most biblical” way to do church. For me, the idea that the New Testament church seemed to primarily gather in homes is helpful when explaining to folks why it’s normal for the church to primarily ebb and flow through homes, but It’s not my main motivation for advocating simple/house/organic church. For me primarily, simple church is just what makes the most sense given what I know about Jesus, how He has worked in my life, and how I have witnessed His Kingdom operate. However, this… Read More »Maybe it’s a bigger deal than we think?

Be A Trader!

Take a break from what you are doing and watch this short video.  Will you be a trader?  I am afraid that if we are unwilling to be traders that our simple churches will be reduced to nothing more than a different type of church meeting we attend each week (or whenever our time allows).  How can your simple church community help encourage each other to be traders?    

New Podcasts Up!

Hello friends! We have several new podcasts up at You can also subscribe on iTunes at this link as well. It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the links, so you may remember that beginning with Episode 65, Tom and I re-launched the podcast with the idea of starting from scratch and re-introducing the “Who?” “What?” “When?” “Where?” “Why?” and “How?” questions surrounding simple/organic church. Episode 75 “Who Can Baptize Others in The Simple Church?” was just released. You can check out all the new episodes and the old ones at our website.  If you feel so inclined, I review on… Read More »New Podcasts Up!

Google Hangout Tonight! 8PM “Teaching”

Join Gavin and friends from Indianapolis as they discuss and share various ideas and approaches to “teaching in simple church.”  If you would like to connect with others a part of simple or house churches this is a great opportunity to do so!   Everyone involved in simple/organic/house churches are invited to join as this can be a great way to “build up” the Body of Christ…especially to build up our friends meeting in Indianapolis! You can visit Indy Ekklesia at their website ( where you can actually get a really good feel for what teaching looks like in their community.  Each week they record and… Read More »Google Hangout Tonight! 8PM “Teaching”

Ever felt this way about church?

I saw this image the other day and chuckled to myself because of frequent conversations I have with people who express similar thoughts about church. “I survived another church service that should have been a podcast,” or “I survived another sermon that should have been me reading the Bible for myself”  is essentially the sentiment. When we make “church” primarily about the one-way delivery of content (messages, music, etc.), many people can leave the experience scratching their heads wondering why they didn’t just watch church on TV or download the podcast.  It’s as if they  look at our Sunday classes… Read More »Ever felt this way about church?

Why Start Simple Churches? (Video Part 3)

This is part three of Erik’s video series on simple church.  Here he addresses the question, “Why start Simple Churches?”  I appreciate the simplicity in which Erik explains “church” as a natural result of disciples making disciples–which God desire to do through every follower of his.  It is simple and natural to see groups of disciples coming together to follow Jesus in community with each other.

What Do We Do At A Simple Church Gathering (Video Part 2)

In this video Erik addresses the question of how a simple church can be formed and what the church does at a simple church gathering.   He has some very practical ideas and as you can see it is simple.  I love his last point about praying that God would show you pockets of people who are “culturally averse to the American way of doing church” and being available to see a seed church formed.