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An Encouragement From Pendleton, Co. KY

I recently received this email from Jeff Herron who along with his family are in the process of starting down the simple church path.  I’m continually encouraged by Kingdom Minded “legacy” church folks who see the value in house/simple church and want to encourage simple church multiplication.  May Jeff’s words encourage you and may we all join in praying for God to do a mighty work in the northern part of our state! Just wanted to pass along a quick update as an encouragement to you all. The senior pastor from the last “legacy church” (to use the Dale’s phrase)… Read More »An Encouragement From Pendleton, Co. KY

Guest Blog: A Transition To Simple Church

By Nate Smith Church has always been a part of my life. I have a ton of relatives that are ordained and it goes back generations. Personally, I have found the aspect of going to church very frustrating. I am a bit of a nomad. I have moved every year for the past 4-5 years. I have made good friends in the places I have lived, however, church has been… disappointing. First, I am not a morning person. Maybe, I should be excited to go to church at 10 am and awkwardly greet the person in the pew next to… Read More »Guest Blog: A Transition To Simple Church