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Church Is Simple! (An encouraging letter from a friend)

Karla and I recently were able to host two longtime friends who helped lead a simple church here in Lexington several years ago.  While their jobs have led them out of state, they have remained an important part of our extended family of faith.  I was so encouraged by a follow up email I received from Joy that I asked if she would consider editing it to sharing here on this site!  May it encourage you as well…  We had a wonderful time with Gavin and Karla and their kids on Sunday and are so grateful for the connections God… Read More »Church Is Simple! (An encouraging letter from a friend)

Network Easter Gathering – April 1

We want to invite all simple churches, their friends, and family throughout the region to come together this Easter Sunday morning (April 1st) for a time of worship and testimony! We are going to pack out The Prayer Room on Broadway for a lively morning of singing and stories of new life followed by a lunch at First Southern Bank Community Room for any and all who can join us! Worship and Stories of New Life! Have you or someone in your simple church experienced new life in Christ this past year?  Have they experienced a fresh start as a result of… Read More »Network Easter Gathering – April 1

A Story of Real Multiplication In Tampa, Florida

Below is a link to a podcast that features the story of Lee Wood.  I met Lee last year when in Tampa meeting with other simple church leaders involved with the Zume Project.  He considered my song “Mega House Church” a genius work of art, so of course we hit it off! Lee’s story will encourage anyone who has lost faith in the church in the US or who has a hard time imagining how His church and Kingdom can expand without the buildings, budgets, programs and professional Christians we have grown accustomed to.  Lee is a genuinely humble guy,… Read More »A Story of Real Multiplication In Tampa, Florida

Guest Blog: Where One Became Two (And Many More!)

Where One Became Two (And Many More!) Guest Blog by Luke Long, Univerity of Kentucky Student   I had the privilege of joining many wonderful people from around the region and nation at the Simple Church Conference in Lexington, KY a few weekends ago. The conference was full of bold insight and wisdom that spoke deeply into my life concerning both the realms of women in leadership, and the organic simple church movement that is exploding across this nation. The Spirit was teaching, transforming and molding my heart, and it showed! Laughter and tears were abundant as many stories of… Read More »Guest Blog: Where One Became Two (And Many More!)

Our Year in Simple Church (part 3) – By Jeff Herron

This was really the first year we considered ourselves “doing” simple church, and it has been full of winnowing away, learning what really matters, and growing in love. We have been stretched in every way and are much better for it! As the year started, we were several months in to our decision to stop attending Sunday morning worship services at a local church. We felt called to be more directly involved in our local community, and had started attending this local church as part of that leading, but after only a few months we sensed the Lord had other… Read More »Our Year in Simple Church (part 3) – By Jeff Herron

Our Year in Simple Church – by Travis Spann

I recently asked several simple church leaders to write a short summary of their year in simple church.  This is the first in a series of posts that will feature their responses.  I pray that their unique experiences and stories provide encouragement for you in your journey.  (Would you like to contribute? There still is time to share your story too!  Send it by email and we’ll pass it along!)   Our involvement in the simple/house church world has continued to develop and change this past year. In October of 2012, Charis and I joined up with a couple of… Read More »Our Year in Simple Church – by Travis Spann

My Friend Pete (Guest Blog By Tobin Jenkins)

I first met Pete in 2008 because of work. For the first few years, we became friends from a distance. Our offices sat parallel, but nothing else in our life was…so I thought. At the time, my wife and I did not have kids, but we wanted them. Pete was single and living the life of a bachelor. Occasionally on Monday mornings, we would laugh about what we did that weekend. For the most part, the stories could not be more different. I was happily married. Pete was happily not married. The very next year, my wife and I had… Read More »My Friend Pete (Guest Blog By Tobin Jenkins)

LTG – Just Do It! (Guest Blog by Marian Toth)

Last month, I attended the Simple Church Conference lead by Neil Cole. I have read books and articles written by Neil but I really enjoyed the teaching on Life Transformation Groups (LTG). During this time, the Lord began to speak to me about seeking a person with whom to experience an LTG. I began to ask Him for wisdom about a person to ask. After praying for several days, God placed a woman on my heart.   Sherry is a lady that I have met before, but do not know well.  At first I did not know if I wanted… Read More »LTG – Just Do It! (Guest Blog by Marian Toth)