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Simple Church Tithe?

Recently, a blog post by John Piper about tithing the local church caught my attention for two reasons. First, John Piper stated that he would never say “you must give your tithe to my church.” I affirm this in regard to simple church and I appreciate this statement from one of the nation’s leaders in the legacy church.  Indeed, Piper points out in this article that the Bible offers no justification for a mandated 10% tithe to a local congregation. Secondly, his comments about giving to the local church highlight one of the blessings, if not advantages, of giving in a simple church:… Read More »Simple Church Tithe?

Giving and 1 Corinthians 9

By Jeff Heron  Giving is a great blessing that we can be a part of. As our Master promised long ago, and still affirms in our hearts and experiences to this day, the measure we use in giving out is the same measure that will be used in our receiving in. Giving is just one aspect of living out of sacrificial love, the love we first witnessed in Jesus’ love for us and the love that now empowers us and is the very source of our life. Despite these plain truths, the topic of giving, especially financial giving to a… Read More »Giving and 1 Corinthians 9

Guest Blog: Giving In The Simple Church, By David Toth

By David Toth There area number of perspectives from which to discuss the issue of giving in the simple church. Some are the 1) theological, 2) practical, 3) mission, 4) strategic, etc. These brief paragraphs take a practical approach and mention some of the more encouraging aspects of giving in the simple church (an organic house church sized body of believers). In the simple church we can be encouraged that most of our giving can be directed to missionaries, orphans, local apostolics, and needy people. This reflects giving in the early church for the needy in the church and outside… Read More »Guest Blog: Giving In The Simple Church, By David Toth