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Guest Blog: Giving In The Simple Church, By David Toth

By David Toth

There area number of perspectives from which to discuss the issue of giving in the simple church. Some are the 1) theological, 2) practical, 3) mission, 4) strategic, etc. These brief paragraphs take a practical approach and mention some of the more encouraging aspects of giving in the simple church (an organic house church sized body of believers).

In the simple church we can be encouraged that most of our giving can be directed to missionaries, orphans, local apostolics, and needy people. This reflects giving in the early church for the needy in the church and outside the church (orphans, widows, the hungry, etc. (Acts 2:44-45; 11:28-30; 8:1-3; Luke 10:30-37). And for supporting missionary type leaders like Jesus, Paul, Peter, etc (Matt 27:55-56; Luke 10:7; John 13:29; 1 Cor 9:1-14; Philip 4:15-16; 3).

We do not have to fund large staff and salaries, building payments and maintenance, and utility and operating expenses. 85% of giving in the institutional church is absorbed by these expenses before any real ministry takes place!

In the simple church we are blessed to give to local and missionary ministries and to support our local apostolic leader(s) who are actively involved in multiplying simple churches everywhere! We can invest in building the Kingdom and building leaders rather than building buildings!

As one who is now a ‘senior citizen’ I am concerned that my giving is effective and efficient. Many of my senior friends share this sentiment and become enthusiastic when they hear about giving in the simple church. On the other hand, many young families are encouraged that their giving is immediately touching people, avoiding the trappings of organizational bureaucracy which quickly absorbs finances. In the face of growing financial stress in all areas of our society, the simple church can be encouraged to give as in New Testament days and leverage their finances for immediate ministry!

If you would like learn more about how you can give to the missionary/apostolic work of the Simple Church Alliance, click here.

David works with Dawn Ministries in Eastern Europe and also works with simple church planters in the Ohio Valley area with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  You can contact David at and learn more about his work in Eastern Europe here:



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