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Why I No Longer Go To Church – An Open Letter (by Jeff Herron)

Below is an “open letter” that Jeff Herron posted to facebook and I’m reposting here with his permission.  I thought Jeff articulated well what I find many simple/house church folks are trying to express–especially to loved ones and other brothers and sisters who may not understand why they are doing what they are doing.  Jeff has posted on this site before and he and his family continue to be an encouragement to me and to many involved in simple churches across the region.   ————— An Open Letter By Jeff Herron To:  My friends and family who regularly attend traditional church… Read More »Why I No Longer Go To Church – An Open Letter (by Jeff Herron)

A Round Table Discussion – Aug 29

This year’s simple church conference (August 29-30) with Tony and Felicity Dale will kick off Saturday morning with a special  community-wide roundtable discussion/continental breakfast on gender hierarchy in the Church.  This, and other related topics are discussed in Felicity Dale’s new book The Black Swan Effect.  We feel that sorting through this issue is not only critical to those involved with the simple/organic church movement, but also for the entire body of Christ.  We hope that you (both men and women) will consider joining us for this very important discussion.  Find out more about this fascinating topic, Felicity book (sample… Read More »A Round Table Discussion – Aug 29

To Those Who Have “Unplugged”

I just wanted to write a post to those of you who are a part of simple church—specifically those of you who I have the privilege of knowing and working with locally. Most days I spend time visiting with people interested in “simple church” and all that it entails.  While many people see that simple church is a natural and Biblical way for making disciples and seeing the Kingdom grow, yet as I am sure some of you know, it is very difficult to “unplug” from the traditional church and the programs and services it offers. So, I just wanted… Read More »To Those Who Have “Unplugged”

Our Year in Simple Church (part 3) – By Jeff Herron

This was really the first year we considered ourselves “doing” simple church, and it has been full of winnowing away, learning what really matters, and growing in love. We have been stretched in every way and are much better for it! As the year started, we were several months in to our decision to stop attending Sunday morning worship services at a local church. We felt called to be more directly involved in our local community, and had started attending this local church as part of that leading, but after only a few months we sensed the Lord had other… Read More »Our Year in Simple Church (part 3) – By Jeff Herron

Our Year In Simple Church (Part 2) – By Elizabeth Harris

2013 was like the summer I trained to be a life guard—when I had to tread water holding bricks above my head.  There just wasn’t much easy. Moving to our new town in North Carolina, navigating a new, demanding job, keeping up with four home schooled children and then one on the way.  We treaded a lot of water with bricks over our heads.And we missed our Simple Church network there in Lexington something awful. We started with Simple Church from its inception.  We grew—we prayed—we changed–we learned to be the church, not just go to church—we experienced God work around us in remarkable ways, and… Read More »Our Year In Simple Church (Part 2) – By Elizabeth Harris

Stages On The Journey To Simple Church

As we continue to walk down the simple church road, I’m constantly aware that there are two types of people coming along with us. There are the “un-churched” whom for the most part find simple church a breath of fresh air. Since they have have not been apart of the traditional church culture, they really are not leaving any loved traditions behind to join this movement. However, for those of us who have been apart of the traditional church for some time and continue to see the good that the traditional church does in the Kingdom, there is a unique… Read More »Stages On The Journey To Simple Church