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Making The Call – Part 2 (Video)

One of the greatest truths I’ve been able to learn over the years is that it is impossible to “loose” when you seek to share your faith with someone out of love. Recently I came across one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen with regards to witnessing.  This video is a great encouragement to every believer to not be afraid to share truth in love with everyone—even famous celebrity atheists! I would like to encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to the comments of the famous comedian/illusionist and outspoken atheist Penn Gillette concerning an encounter he… Read More »Making The Call – Part 2 (Video)

Making The Call – Part 1

I recently shared some of my thoughts on calling others to faith in Christ at First Alliance Church in Lexington. As always my message (which you can listen to by clicking here) was primarily directed toward me.  What a tremendous relief it truly is to realize that our job is simply to proclaim the Good News and not to “save” people!  What an encouragement it is to truly realize that we can’t “loose” when we share our faith out of love!  Even if we are rejected for being a witness, we are blessed! 1 Peter 4:14 “If you are rejected… Read More »Making The Call – Part 1

Sharing the Gospel Video

Below is the video we watched in the “No More Spectators” class today at First Alliance.  The video is of Mark Cahill witnessing/sharing the Gospel at the Pride festival in Atlanta, GA.  Enjoy this facinating dialogue and feel free to post your thoughts below!  Also, you can find out more about Mark Cahill here: [youtube=]

Introducing…Jesus Christ!

Below is the link to download/listen the message I shared at First Alliance yesterday entitled Introducing…Jesus Christ! A friend of mine told me this morning that it was “the best 20 point sermon he had ever heard.”  I’m not sure exactly what he meant by that…  I’ve also linked the video that I showed at the beginning of my message.  The video is shows Steve Harvey introducing Jesus. Listen To “Introducing… Jesus Christ!” Here Steve Harvey Introducing Jesus Christ… [youtube=]