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Simplifying Discipleship

This past Sunday, we had a great conversation in the “vision” class for the new church plant about discipleship.  In light of our conversation, I thought I would share a link to a great blog post on the subject.  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Here is a summary of what we have shared so far in the class “A Vision For Being The Church.”  You are welcome to join us any Sunday you can at 10:45 in room 13 below the sanctuary at First Alliance Church, Lexington (

Key Value 1 –Community: The church is the community of believers who are “called out” to be the physical representation of Christ to the world.  It’s not a building or a service.

Key Value 2 – Missional: The purpose of the church is to 1)love god and 2)love people (Great Commandment).  This results in discipleship (Great Commission).


1.     We love God…We love people (Great commandment)

2.     We make disciples because of our love for God and people(Great Commission).

3.     As we do this, it is natural that we would do this in community with others “called out” for this same purpose.  That was model Jesus gave, it was the model throughout the new testament for His followers (Heb 10:24-26), indeed it’s the definition of the church.

4.     When this community gathers together, we are gathering as the church!

5.     We believe a logical place to gather with “a few” on a regular basis “as we are going” would be in homes or in places that we live.  We call these gatherings “simple church” gatherings…

6.     As new disciples are made, people are sent out to begin new “simple churches” and to allow for the expansion of God’s family.

7.     Thus the vision of this new work is for a “simple church network” to be birthed in our community.

More to come!

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