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“The greatest problem affecting church planting strategy today is a theological problem.  And church planters must realize that the missionary task to which they are called requires that they teach the whole counsel of God and allow the cultural expressions to develop from the people over time.

An ecclesiological shift is necessary. Not a shift away from biblical prescriptions, absolutely not!  But there must be a shift away from expectations that may shackle new believers to longstanding  preferences that, while near-and-dear to us, are problematic for their sanctification and mission.

Let’s do evangelism. Let’s gather the new believers together.  Let’s begin teaching them to obey all that Christ commanded. And in the process challenge them with the question, “Is the Spirit leading you to covenant together as a local expression of the Body of Christ?”  And if such is the case, let’s lead them through that process, raise  up pastors/elders, and allow the Word and the Spirit to build them up and give them the inheritance among all those who are sanctified” (Acts 20:32, ESV).”  – J.D. Payne blog post entitled “Ecclesiological Conundrum”

I have been enjoying a series of articles that J.D. Payne has been posting on his blog recently.  I think that you might as well.  The above quote was taken from the final blog in the four part series about missionary strategy in North American church planting.  Each article can be found here:

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Post 3: Methods Must be Highly Reproducible

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