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FREE BOOK: So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore?

Wow!  One of the books on the “recommended readings” list I posted here awhile back is actually available for free!  You can download this book in a pdf format (reminder:  you can read pdf files on your iphone or ipad and you can always read on your computer or print it out) or download it in a .lit format to be read with your with Microsoft Reader compatible PDA!  If you have found yourself reading this post, I can’t encourage you enough to read this short book.  I pray that it will challenge and encourage you as it has me!

Click Here to Visit Author’s Site and Download For FREE Now!

From the Author’s Site:

What would you do if you met someone you thought just might be one of Jesus’ original disciples still living in the 21st Century? That’s Jake’s dilemma as he meets a man who talks of Jesus as if he had known him, and whose way of living challenges everything Jake had previously known.

So You Don’t Want to Go To Church Anymore is Jake’s compelling journal that chronicles thirteen conversations with his newfound friend over a four-year period and how those exchanges turn Jake’s world upside-down. With his help, Jake faces his darkest fears, struggles through brutal circumstances and comes out on the other side in the joy and freedom he always dreamed was possible.

If you’re tired of just going through the motions of Christianity and want to mine the depths of what it really means to live deeply in Christ, you’ll find Jake’s story will give you hope for your own. This book probes the difficult questions and offers some far-reaching answers. It just might turn your world upside-down as well!

This book was written over four years and each chapter was first published on line in sequence. Now the final draft of that book is available in print. It has been a marvelous journey with so many contributions from those who have read and enjoyed it.

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5 thoughts on “FREE BOOK: So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore?”

  1. I stopped going to church years ago after forty years of faithful service including eight years on the mission field. I changed my mind about church when my son was molested by a fellow missionary and the mission covered it up. My boy harbored resentment for years and became violent in his teens. He began doing and dealing drugs and abusing other family members. He finally went to jail after beating up his girlfriend. My wife blamed his behavior on me and began an affair with her boss. She drove me out of the house and turned my children against me. Although I appealed to the church for help on numerous occasions, they turned their backs on me. So I left the church.

    I began studying church history and I discovered that the postmodern church bears little resemblance to the historical church. I found there hasn’t been a nation wide revival since the Civil War. During that time the church has accommodated itself more and more to secular culture. It looks and functions like the American corporation. Ministry is more didactic than practical. The ‘one anothers’ of mutual ministry have been eschewed in favor of formal programs run by religious professionals. All this has contributed to the collapse of Christian community.

    So I wrote a book about all this entitled ‘The Casual Christian.’ It explores Christian lifestyles from the first century through the Civil War era and compares them to Christian lifestyles today. It is not a flattering comparison, by any stretch of the imagination. You can get your copy at If you do, please leave a review at The Causal Christian. Thank you.

    1. Read the Bible
      read the New Testament
      read acts
      same problems then as we have today nothing new or strange with the church of today versus what went on with God’s chosen people and the early New Testament church., Just with the technological layer over it. Church has same problems as back then. Same news different people, different year. I.e. Jesus was talking about the false, talking about religious leaders who did one thing while preaching another. He said to obey what they say but not what they do . The teaching was sound even though the leaders weren’t.

  2. This is my favorite book right now. I’m on my 4th time reading it. This & The Shack are my favorites. On a search for more stories like these. The words, the concepts, the topics that are touched upon are just so fantastic & they hit right at the core of one’s very being; to the deepest parts of the heart & soul. I really believe that what is discussed here is truly what is stirring inside each of us. What our hearts & minds really feel at home with as being Truth. Not the words that “tickle our ears”, but… I don’t know – it’s more than that. It’s deeper than that. It seems the information here is really a part of that true, personal walk with God our Father & Jesus our Christ. How that relationship should be. What that relationship is that Father & Jesus really want from us. And it has to be a personal relationship. It has nothing to do with if we are a good or bad person. Our goodness cannot get us into heaven. It has to be about the relationship. We need to ‘know’ Them & They must ‘know’ us in order to reside with Them for eternity. This book touches that way to establish such a relationship. Thank you God for giving the inspiration to put these ideas into writing so we can all share in it. So we can all share in such a relationship with You. In our Lord Jesus’ Name ~ Thank You.

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