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21 Opportunities

As we have worked through the vision class for the new church plant, we have identified  21 opportunities that a “simple church network” could provide.  Perhaps you can think of additional opportunities?

1.     Deepening of relationships with members of the church

2.     Easier to invite some into home than to a “church”

3.     More participation from all those involved

4.     Not limited to a scheduled meeting time

5.     Can remove some “extra biblical” stuff / doctrine

6.     Dealing with dirt and conflict

7.     Accountability to each other and to God

8.     Kids involved in worship

9.     Dialogue instead of monologue during gatherings

10.    Being “sent” from FAC

11.    Network = protection, credibility, “not going at it alone” might not make it seem so “weird”

12.    Learning to love

13.    Every believer can be a church planter/easy to reproduce

14.    Low overhead costs means more money to give to needs/mission

15.    Frees up calendar to spend time with neighbor and unchurched

16.    Simplifies life

17.    Great Commission ownership and participation opportunities for all

18.    Church clearly pictured as a family to the world

19.    Flexibility with informal gatherings – opportunity to adjust subject, etc.

20.    Communion can be done as a meal or “love feast”

21.    Presents a different “front door” to the “Church” for thousands of unchurched in our area

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