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So What Are We Going To Do When We Meet?

As we approach what I am calling the “soft launch” of a simple church network (Jan 16), questions concerning what exactly we are going to do when we meet seem to keep surfacing. Perhaps you are wondering this as well?

It’s amazing how tempting it can be to try and answer this question for everyone. So far on this journey, I’ve become increasingly aware of how much we (including myself) like to have our spiritual lives dictated to us.  Just come to ____.  Just read _____.  Just do _____.  Just pray like ____.  Just worship God like _____. We like to tell people what God wants us to do and by in large we like to be told what God wants us to do. I’m no different.  It helps me have a sense of “checking my spiritual box” (as my good friend Matt Wheeler says).

“So…what are we going to do when we meet?”  That still seems like a reasonable question…doesn’t it?  I do believe it is reasonable.  However, I want to encourage us all to look to Jesus for the answer. After all, this entire idea of “simple church” is based on the crazy notion that Jesus wants to be our leader and that He can lead us in all matters of life–through the Holy Spirit that resides in all members of His church and His word.  He wants to lead our meetings when we get together.  He will speak to us and guide us to make disciples. He will be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.  Jesus keeps showing me that part of the adventure in following Him lies in the mystery of where He is going  My guess is that He could very well desire to take different simple churches down different paths.  To me, this is one of the most exciting aspects of this move of God!

Consider this great article I came across recently. If you happen to be one of the leaders coming to my home next Sunday evening, then we will discuss the questions at the end.

Feel free to post any comments about this below for all to benefit from.

The Destination Is The Journey,


DISCLAIMER:  I’m not sure if that is Curt Warner in that picture or not, but to my knowledge, Curt Warner does not intend to be involved in this simple church network. I simply found this picture online.  However, should Curt Warner move to Central Kentucky, he would be welcome to join us.

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