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Letter to First Alliance Members

Hello First Alliance!

Thank you for allowing me to brief you on the “church plant.”  By God’s grace and leading, and the blessing and encouragement of Steve Elliot and the entire FAC staff, a team from our church is planting a network of simple churches.  In a simple church network, the “front door” of the church is the home or other places where people live.  A simple church gathering involves eating, worship, teaching, prayer, missions, and accountability to one another. Larger gatherings for all the simple churches (what we call Celebration Gatherings) still occur, but are not the primary emphasis of the network.

In keeping with the Lord’s leading, we are ready for the network’s “soft launch.”  It is a soft launch because everyone will continue to be members of FAC until the umbilical cord is officially cut.  On January 16th, our initial leadership team will multiply into 5 different simple churches.  Each simple church will be comprised of approximately 8 FAC members and their children.  As these groups grow and disciples are made, new simple churches could begin.  Within the next year, we hope official launch can take place.  At this time we would begin to function as a new and separate Christian and Missionary Alliance congregation.

As previously mentioned, our simple churches will enjoy a weekly Network Celebration.  These will take place in the Founders’ Dining Room during the second service.  The gathering will serve as a time for the simple churches to come together for encouragement, prayer, and training and will continue until we officially leave FAC.  After that, the Celebration Gatherings may take place less frequently at another location yet to be determined.  The Network Celebration meetings as well as the home gatherings, however, are open to you and anyone who would like to learn more about our simple churches.

Indeed this is an exciting time.  We are just beginning and expect that people will come and go as we explore being the Church in this way.  If you are interested, please contact me and feel free to join one of our gatherings.  Certainly, not all will hear a call to join a simple church, but our ultimate hope and prayer is that many in our community who are unconnected to the Body of Christ will find a warm welcome into God’s family through our doors.  We appreciate your prayers and support!  I have much more to share about this at

The Destination Is The Journey,

Gavin Duerson
859.494.8524 (cell)
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