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1.19.11 Update

Well the ball is rolling! It has been a great blessing to hear from many of you about Sunday. I know that God is doing some great things in our group and I can’t wait for everyone to be as encouraged as I have been from all the stories from the different simple churches. This Sunday morning during the network gathering (10:45 at FAC), we’ll have ample time for this. God is definitely doing some cool stuff in our midst!

I also was greatly encouraged, as I know many of you were, by my good friend Brian’s visit with us Sunday morning. I think he previewed many great topics for us that we will certainly need to continue to wrestle with in the coming days… childrens’ ministry, open meetings, missions, authority…just to name a few.

One thing Brian shared that I thought was very timely was his simple church’s “one rule” – that everything be done for the building up or edification of the group (1 Cor. 14:26). As we continue to be a group of smaller groups, I think that this will be important to always keep in mind. How can you build up others in your simple church this week? How can your simple church build up other simple churches in the network? Together let’s ask the Lord for wisdom into these questions.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Something to consider: “Why its more difficult to have community when working with existing believers”

The Destination Is The Journey,

Gavin Duerson

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