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5 Encouraging Things So Far…

This was going out to the “prayer list” at First Alliance Church. Thought I’d share it here too!


Hello First Alliance!  God is continuing to grow and lead us in the formation of the “new church.”   Let us thank Him together for what He has done!

Name. We have settled on a name: “Simple Church Alliance.”  We feel this name most clearly explains what we are:  an alliance of simple churches.  Plus, the use of “alliance” identifies us with the C&MA!

Depth. God is really bringing a spirit of transparency into the groups.   As a result, real needs are being addressed.

Connecting. We are beginning to see individuals and families who are not connected to the body of Christ start to identify with some of the simple churches.

Partners. The C&MA Ohio Valley District has recently hired David Toth to help with church planting in the district.  David has been working to help establish multiplying simple churches in Eastern Europe over the past 10 years—the very thing we are hoping to see happen here in Central Kentucky!  Also, Tom Gold (former FAC staff member and retired C&MA pastor) has been having “simple church” out of his house for the past year.  He has been a great encouragement to our team.

Baptism. One of our younger members (Sean Mackey) will be baptized this Sunday!

Celebration. Sunday mornings have proven to be an incredible time of encouragement for many involved in the church plant.  We recently decided to start meeting earlier (10:00AM) in order to provide ample time for encouragement from God’s Word and from one another.   Everyone is always welcome to join us.  You will definitely get a good sense of what God is up to if you come.  In a related note, we are looking to have our first Celebration Service this Easter Sunday.

As always, we welcome you to visit one of the simple churches or our Sunday morning gathering in the dining room.  I continue to blog about this new work and issues related to simple church at  Feel free to contact me with any questions or to find out more about getting involved.

The Destination is the Journey,

Gavin Duerson
FAC Church Planter

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