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Simple Church Opportunity: Apartment Complexes

I “tweeted” out the link below earlier, but I wanted to expand on the idea that this organization/ministry has embraced…

When I was in college, it was not uncommon for leaders of Campus Crusade and other ministries to obtain RA jobs in the dorms.   Students could easily build relationships with students and share Christ with them.  The university enjoyed having dependable RAs who cared for the residents.  It was a natural fit.  Similarly, Apartment Living, a ministry based out of Texas, seeks to capitalize on both the need for apartment residents in the US to experience a loving community  and the need for landlords to retain residents.  In doing so, they highlight an an incredible opportunity for simple church planting.

As I consider how God might bring about a simple church movement through our city (Lexington, KY), I consider the great potential of University of Kentucky students.  I can envision these students becoming thousands of simple church planters (i.e. disciple-making Christians with the audacity to believe that they can plant simple churches regardless of their profession and location).  I imagine simple churches being planted among students and these students being sent out to plant more.  The same idea could be applied to any apartment housing community in our area.

I don’t know whether Apartment Living can come to our city and offer free housing for those seeking to influence apartment complex residents for Christ and potentially plant simple churches, though I am checking.  Yet, even if this ministry did not offer this service in Lexington, how can we follow their example?  Perhaps you already live in an apartment complex? Would you be willing to reach your neighbors…even if you have to pay your own rent?  Perhaps you live in a neighborhood?  Would you be wiling to reach those in your neighborhood in much the same way?

Check out Apartment Living and their CARES Team ministry here: (The video is short and very good!)


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