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Birth Pains

By Karla Duerson

There has been that moment every time.  He has to come out.  She has to come out.  This has been what I’ve been wanting.  Right?  Pregnant women know about the time to which I am referring.  The time when you realize that the baby has to come out—one way or another!

Truthfully, when I reached the middle to end of my last trimester of pregnancy I was ready to hold my baby in my arms, not around my waist.  I delighted in carrying my Guy, Emma, Kendall and Beau within me, but I also cherished the thought of setting each little one down once and awhile.  Then it would hit!  I can almost feel the butterflies just thinking about it!  This baby is not going to stay in me forever.  My hopes will be realized, but I’m ready for labor as much as I’m ready for a trip to the dentist (no offense to the dentists in my life—Dr. Steckler, Dr. Sneed and Dr. Brewer).

Why all this baby talk?  Well, First Alliance Church is about to give birth—to the Simple Church Alliance!  The church plant is being cherished and nurtured within and soon will be coming out!   The analogy is not perfect.  An infant probably does not anticipate birth or understand what the mother will endure to bring forth the life God has placed inside, but we all have some anticipation of what’s to come and it ends up looking like excitement, wonder, fear and maybe even dread.

The very, very good thing about labor is that it ends with delivery.   Delivery brings such wonderful relief!  There is no more guessing and wondering.  Some aches and pains subside.   Immeasurable joy floods the heart to dream about all the future holds for this new life.   Such hope!

Maybe you have felt the flutters of anticipation for the birth pains to come.   Labor and delivery is a vulnerable and mysterious time.   No wonder we approach the future anticipating difficult change with hesitations.  How will this be?  What will life be like on the other side?  Do I have what it takes?  God can bring us all through this by His grace.  Will you trust Him to deliver us into the greatness of His plan ahead?

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1 thought on “Birth Pains”

  1. A pastor’s wife at her finest! Keep blogging! This post is so very real in these final weeks with baby number four. Excellent analogy and very well said! I am reminded of Isaiah 66:9 “‘Do I bring to the moment of birth and not give delivery?’ says the Lord.”

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