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From Ordinary to Extroardinary: A note on the “Launch” (Audio)

A note on last Sunday’s official “launch” from First Alliance:

I am very grateful to First Alliance Church for their encouraging words and support over the past year and a half and especially this past Sunday.  I only hope that ALL who are part of simple church felt encouraged and commissioned as Karla and I did.  My hope and prayer was that the focus of the “send off” was on Jesus and His call to all of us to go and make disciples.  I believe that for disciples and simple churches to multiply a bottom up, grassroots movement, must occur.  I’m convinced that leadership is a gift from God and a gift to the church and that Jesus’ leadership model was one of  servant leadership.  I believe strongly that discipleship and simple church multiplication is not dependent upon any one person at the top of a hierarchical system, but on all of us being dependent on Jesus, the Head of The Church, and serving others as His Spirit leads.  I hope and pray that all of us can grow into servant leaders who empower and prepare others for the works of service to which He has called them.  My role is to serve and come along side of those desiring to make disciples and foster simple church multiplication.   As we truly embrace the Priesthood of All Believers (one of our core values) and all learn to lead in this way, then I am confident we will see God do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.  To Him be the glory!

CLICK HERE: To listen to the Message from the “Launch” service at FAC entitled “From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Judges 6” 

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1 thought on “From Ordinary to Extroardinary: A note on the “Launch” (Audio)”

  1. Gavin…..this is Gary from dryridge skate park ……i enjoyed seeing positive people’s like yourself and josh….i would like to see more of your trix…we will work on the pool asap…..we are there almost every sun mon and tue…weather permiting…hope to see you guys soon.

    That was a hd video ….hope you liked it

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