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Discipleship Tool: Life Transformation Groups

How do I make a disciple?  Make no mistake, there is no formula or ten step process for making disciples.   However, when Jesus told the disciples to “go and make disciples of all the nations,” I have a strong feeling they knew how to do what he was talking about.  After all, they had been discipled by Jesus and observed first-hand “the way” Jesus turned them into one of His disciples!  I have posted briefly some of the discipleship principles we see Jesus live out, a full message on the subject, and the crazy “Turtleman Video” illustration here.

But how can we put these principles into action?  How might we practically start making disciples… who can also make disciples?  I can’t reiterate enough that there is no formula for it.  However, as I have pondered the way Jesus made disciples and the way Paul and others lived out the Great Commission in the New Testament, I’m convinced that a good way to start emulating all they show us about making disciples is through what we call a Life Transformation Group.  Neil Cole did a great job of helping me think about discipleship and see a tangible context to start applying the discipleship lessons we learn from Jesus.  Life Transformation Groups (LTG’s) are simple, reproducible, and put the focus on becoming a disciple of Jesus–not a human leader.  Anyone can do it.  You don’t need special training.  You don’t need a workbook.  You only need a Bible and few people willing to journey together with Jesus!

Neil does a great job of explaining how LTG’s foster discipleship relationships in a short essay found below.  I would highly urge you to take a few minutes and read it! I’ve also included a link to a bookmark that I put to gether and have found helpful as well as several other links from Neil as well.

Click Here To Read Short Explanation of LTG’s (PDF)

UPDATE: Simple Church Bookmark For LTG’s

Search and Rescue (Neil Cole’s full Book on LTG’s)

For those of us in simple church, we really believe that if we make disciples we can let Jesus build the Church.  How could an LTG be a great vehicle for church planting in your city?



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14 thoughts on “Discipleship Tool: Life Transformation Groups”

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  9. facebook_jeff herron.100003195107433

    Gavin, I have found this to be immensely helpful, too. Over time, I found LTG format to be a bit restrictive. Since there is nothing magic about this process, I looked for something a bit different and found Chris Suitt and his BIG (Bible Impact Group). It builds on Cole’s LTG and allows for a little more flexibility around Scripture reading (not how much, but what). For me, it matches up with my experience of life a bit more.

    Cole’s approach is great, too! As you state, there is no magic formula for this. I believe Jesus is the only way to the Father, but that there are a lot of ways to Jesus! Just wanted to mention Suitt’s BIG model for anyone who might be interested to check it out. His book, More Than a Sunday Faith, describes the model in detail, and more info can be found on his web site: – look under the Resources menu for more.

    Hope this can be a help to someone. As long as true disciples are being made, those who listen to the Master’s voice and respond in faith, variations in method or model, as long as they conform to Jesus’ own, don’t matter too much! Thanks for all your help in this regard. You are a blessing to me!

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