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Star of Bethlehem Presentation – Dec. 23rd

Please join us to view The Star of Bethlehem on Sunday December 23rd, 10a-12p.
Please RSVP to and See details below.

Hello, my name is Mark Mackey, I’m part of the Simple Church network (Out West), and I would like to share with you a video presentation that is awe-inspiring. In our family, this DVD(the Star of Bethlehem) has become somewhat of a tradition to view a couple of times per year.

With all of the distractions of commercialism, and pressure “to do” whatever makes Christmas a “happy holiday”, don’t you get the feeling there’s just something not right about it all? What if you could roll back the clock, rewind the sky, reverse time itself to and witness what the Magi observed over 2,000 years ago? Would that help you regain some perspective on the reason for the season?
You do not have the patience, (trust me here), to read all that I could write about this little one hour movie. So believe me when I say, if you have not seen it yet, don’t miss this chance!
Here are the details…We plan to gather adjacent to the Simple Church Alliance office in the Social Gathering room, located on the second floor at 3060 Harrodsburg Rd. directly above the First Southern National Bank. Kids are invited too but should either be able to comprehend or sit quietly during the duration of the film. (approx 65 min). If you’d like to arrange for child care, we’ve got a plan for that as well.
Want a teaser or want to know more?
You can visit these websites, to watch the trailer.
Or and explore under “the Study” tab. Enjoy, and I hope to see you there.
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