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Baptizing The Imagination

When talking with Rich Jirak during a simple church gathering several months ago, the subject of “imagination” came up.  Rich had recently stumbled upon talks online from a conference by the Edward Institute that dealt with the idea of “baptizing the imagination” and the role of the imagination in the life of a Christian.  Rich passed these talks along to me as he thought I would find them interesting.  He was right!  I’m not sure if they will mean as much to you as they have me, but I thought I would link them here.  It seems that they continue to come up in my day-to-day conversations and the Lord continues to use many of the truths discussed in these lectures to encourage me and help me know Him more!

As someone who enjoys creativity and who has spent many hours on creative endeavors (Like this) which at times can seem insignificant to God and His Kingdom, I found “Lecture 4” to be one of the most significant teachings that I have listened to in a long time.  In many ways it helped me to understand why I am the way I am!  I would recommend starting with that talk if you think there is a good chance you will only listen to one…

Baptizing The Imagination Conference 2012 – The Edward Institute (CLICK TO LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD)


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