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Messaging Muslims: An Evangelistic Opportunity


I have a close friend who regularly encourages and challenges me in my walk with Jesus.  Not only has he helped me greatly to understand what “church” can look like outside traditional walls, but he continually encourages me to consider the opportunities that America affords believers in the task of global evangelization.  After living in the Arab world off and on over the past several years, he has discovered one of the most effective means for initiating relationships and Gospel conversations with Muslims is… Facebook!

Below is a document he is making available for anyone who would like to join him in this engaging Muslims online through Facebook.  The more people who volunteer, the wider the net is cast.  What I appreciate most about his approach is that simple, very well thought out, and every  “person of peace” identified through Facebook who is willing will get a personal visit from my friend or an Arab believer in their area.  I have all the respect in the world for him and believe this is a very real and practical way that we can effectively offer hope to many who would love to engage in conversations about the Christian faith but are not able to because of legal and social pressures.  Below is the link to get you started.  Feel free to pass it along as well.   You will see that there are very specific and detailed instructions outlined that come from many years of experience in messaging Muslims through Facebook.




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