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Verizon Shows Us Relational Multiplication

Hey Gavin, have you seen this commercial? I like it because it visually shows how the body of Christ is meant to reproduce. Individually, we can all reproduce ourselves and make disciples. If you notice in the commercial, these people are just going about their business, hanging out with one another. Then BAM! They reproduce. Two becomes four. Four becomes eight. Eight becomes sixteen. Soon there are hundreds in the commercial. It is also a good visual example of how simple churches can reproduce themselves. No programs. No systems. Just natural. It is a strong image.

I recently received this note from my good friend Tom LeCompte in Louisville, KY.  Tom is involved in simple church there and I thought his note and video provided a great illustration of relational multiplication so I thought I would pass both of them along.

How might we see Jesus multiply disciples in a similar way?  Here is one good idea


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