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48 Hours of Prayer – Good Friday to Easter

Simple Church friends and family,

In response to some of the discussion about prayer over Facebook and during some simple church gatherings, Nate Smith (Third Street Simple Church) and I have put together a plan to coordinate 48 hours of continual prayer leading up to our Easter Celebration on April 20th.

Beginning on Good Friday, April 18 at 4pm we are seeking to sign up individuals and groups to take one hour slots.  The 48 hours will end at 4pm Sunday,  just shy of the 5pm start time of our Easter Celebration.  Simply put, we want to devote this weekend to spending time worshiping and communicating with the risen Savior!  He is alive and we believe He wants to meet with us and speak with us as an extended family!  Will you consider taking an hour or more?


Dana and Diego Vogel have made a room available in their home (2330 Southview Drive, Lexington, KY  40503) for us to use as a prayer room.  We encourage you to come to this room to pray during the hours for which you sign up.  We understand that this will not be possible for everyone so if you sign up for a time of prayer and cannot come to the Vogels, then please note that on the website by adding the place that you will pray at the end of your “name” (ex: “John Doe – my house”).  We will still try to fill that time slot at the Vogels so that at least one person will be praying there at all times.


link:  (please enter your name and email)


Be creative.  This time does not have to be quiet.  You are welcome to draw your prayers, sing, listen to music, write out your prayers, read scripture out loud, come alone, or bring a friend or two!  Of course quiet meditation is good too!  Spend the time with Jesus in any way He leads!


We are believing that Jesus will have much to say to us as a community during this time.  When He speaks, write it down and bring it Sunday to the Easter Celebration to share.  If you cannot come, you can email Gavin and he will read any insights from your time with Him!

More on the Simple Church Easter Celebration:  Click Here.

If you have any questions the please feel free to contact Nate Smith or Diego Vogel.  Thanks for joining us in this special time of prayer!

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