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Images from the Prayer Room

This past weekend we had a the great experience of seeing people from simple churches across the region (really the entire southeast!) come together for 48 hours of continual prayer.  Participants that made it to the designated “prayer room” were encouraged to experience communication with God in a variety of ways.  Prayer through song,  art, journaling, silence, Communion, and utilizing a map of the city to pray for different areas were some of the ways that participants could pray.   While it is certainly not possible to share all the requests and insights reflected in the room and from those that prayed from home, below are several quotes from the prayer wall and a slide show of several images that people drew in response to the Holy Spirit.  Please feel free to share any insights that you had from your time praying in the comments section below!

“Lord I confess I was angry and I still don’t understand it–but I choose now to trust you and believe your word.  That you are true and good and just.  your ways are higher than my ways.  Give me wisdom in seeing your vision more clearly.”

“I had a vision where there where two clocks, one was going stead and the other was being reset and a new life was given.”

“Lord it is really hard to focus.  Eliminate the distraction in my ear if you are willing.  I’m so afraid.  Will you cleanse me and have mercy on me?  You know I desire you.  Sometimes I think this is foolishness, sometimes i don’t understand.  But I have a vision where you are all I see and the veil has been torn and I can’t do anything but weep at your feet.  And I know that You bettered and redeemed what was most broken.”

“Pray for those who have been hurt, oppressed, manipulated, etc. by the “church”–For Jesus to heal and bring true freedom.”

“Pray that the Lord would birth simple churches that gather at all the golf courses in Lexington.”

“Do not worry about the future–specifically money and if I will provide.  Trust me to meet your family’s needs.”

“Jesus let your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!”


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