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Form Follows Life

Below is an excerpt from great article over at The Simple Church Journal that I wanted to bring your attention to.  The article, entitled Life Must Precede Form, highlights the importance of one’s lifestyle preceding the form of church.  Simple church is about a way of life…not a way of meeting.  In the past four years, I would say that there has been no other issue more important than this (and perhaps more difficult to grasp) for those myself and others I have worked with seeking to start simple churches.

We have been programmed in our mechanical culture to do just the opposite.  “Build the structure and the people will come.”  Planning, building, and organizing is so engrained into our way of life, that we are certain that if we put the externals in place then life will flow.

The result is that when people want to learn about simple/house church, what they come wanting to learn is how to structure the thing.  They want to start with form.  They want to know how to get this thing “right”—referring to the external “how tos.”

Read the entire article HERE.

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