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Encouragements (5.7.15)

Just a few encouragements I want to pass along…

–Brice Burton (originally from Somerset and now living Tacoma, Washington) joined our 1st Wednesday of the Month Google Hangout and shared of how he and his wife Becca have been really invested in a pub in their neighborhood. They now have a community of 20 or so “not-yet believers” that they meet with every Monday. They are starting to see many of those folks take interest in their home gathering and Life Transformation Groups.

–I am excited for a young family in Elizabethown, Ky that is patiently and faithfully taking steps to see a simple church community birthed.  As we have talked weekly over the past couple of months, it is clear to me that God is starting to do some exciting things in and through this family!  Please pray for this new community to hear and obey the leading of the Holy Spirit!

–Visited the University of Kentucky Simple Church community this week. They shared The Lords Supper together and lots of encouraging stories about how God is working in their lives and how He has encouraged them this school year through their simple church.  Some people (me) used Mt. Dew Blast for communion because the grape drink? ran out…this was a first.

–Jonathan and Kaity Wilson are praying and believing in faith along with others in the Skate Church community that the Lord will begin a new fellowship at the new skatepark opening in June at Berry Hill Park in Lexington. They recently moved close to the park. We will hold our next “experience” training at this park on May 20th for a prayer walk in and around the park. Details Here.

–Currently meeting with a group of men who are starting “golf church” at Keene Run and Champions Trace Golf Courses this June. Please keep this in prayer. May new believers, disciples, and churches be birthed!

–Tom Lecompte recently reminded me that we just published our 50th podcast! I can’t stand listening to myself talk so I haven’t listened to any of podcasts. However, apparently some people are listening and it has been an encouraging time for Tom and I. I thank God for this experience! The Podcast is on iTunes and online here:

–I visited with Chris Phebus, who along with his wife Valarie are now a part of a simple church community in Florida (after leaving us here in Kentucky). It was great to their simple church is encouraging he and his wife as well as how God is putting people in their path for them to share their faith and lives with.

–I continue to hear lots of encouraging stories from a “Compass” study that the Wheeler family (simple church leaders) started a few weeks ago.  It is exciting to hear how God is helping many grow as disciples as they consider how they can be better stewards of the resources God has given them!

–Skate Camp (FCA and Skate Church) went really well this year… here is a video Jonathan put together about the week!


…And this is just a few of the encouragements that are more public in nature!  I am super encouraged to see God helping many in our simple church family to overcome many hard and difficult personal issues.  He is an ever-present help in our time of trouble!

What are you seeing God do lately that has encouraged you in your faith?

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  1. I got to go to a poetry reading with two of my friends at Michler’s Greenhouse. I loved it! I was able to hear my neighbor read one of her poems about her visit to a concentration camp memorial.

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